PPLTSI starts operations of modernized PUVs in Roxas City

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Pueblo de Panay Township, Roxas City — August 13, 2019 marks another milestone for Roxas City as the Pueblo Philippines Logistics and Transport Services, Inc. (PPLTSI) starts operations of five (5) Class 2 units of Isuzu Euro 4 Public Utility Vehicles (PUV), the first fleet of modernized PUVs to be deployed in Roxas City, under the Department of Transportation’s (DOTr) Public Utility Vehicle Modernization Program (PUVMP).

The PUVMP was launched by the Department of Transportation of the Philippines in 2017, with the goal of making the country’s public transportation system efficient and environmentally friendly by 2020. The program calls for the phasing-out of jeepneys, buses, and other PUVs that are at least fifteen (15) years old and replacing them with safer, more comfortable, and more environmentally-friendly alternatives over the next three years. It envisions a restructured, modern, well-managed and environmentally sustainable transport sector where drivers and operators have stable, sufficient and dignified livelihoods while commuters get to their destinations quickly, safely and comfortably.

“The operation of these modernized PUVs is in line with our intention to help improve the city’s mass transportation network, connecting the city’s gateways — Culasi port, airport, and integrated transport terminal — by means of a single ride that is safe and affordable for the public,” says Jose Nery D. Ong, President and CEO of PPLTSI. “And we would like to thank the Department of Transportation, the Land Transportation and Franchising Regulatory Board, the Roxas City Government, and Land Bank of the Philippines for the continued partnership in making our public transportation system efficient and environmentally friendly.”

PPLTSI is a sister company of Pueblo de Panay, Inc. (PDPI). It was established on August 2, 2013, with the goal to provide comfortable and convenient transportation to the public. PPLTSI started to operate a shuttle service, now known as PdP Libot, on February 14, 2014. PdP Libot jeeps service passengers around Pueblo de Panay Township, from the Roxas City Integrated Transport Terminal (RCITT) to Robinsons Place Roxas.

Officially called PdP Jeeps, these 23-seater PUVs  were manufactured by Isuzu and each comes with WiFi, GPS, CCTV Cameras, a dashcam, a monitor, electronic route signages, an Automated Fare Collections System (AFCS), a speed limiter, and a 10 kg. fire extinguisher. They are color-coded for the public to easily identify their routes. The PdP Red Jeeps will be servicing the Culasi Port-to-Roxas City Integrated Transport Terminal (RCITT) route and vice versa, while the PdP Green Jeeps will be servicing the Brgy. Tanza-to-RCITT route and vice versa.

“We are working with existing multicab and jeepney drivers who might be displaced by the new government-mandated policy by offering them opportunities to drive these government-compliant new jeepneys,” says Ong on the concern that most drivers and small-time operators would be unable to afford replacement units required by the PUVMP. “And we are willing to dialogue and work with our city’s tricycle associations to help bring modern and multi-modal public transport to our local community.”

(Pueblo De Panay, Inc. (PDPI), PPLTSI’s sister company, is the developer of Pueblo de Panay Township, a 670-hectare township development in Roxas City. A fast-growing township development that is just 5 years old, Pueblo de Panay Township now boasts an estimated 50,000 daily foot traffic, an IT-BPM industry that has grown from 40 employees last year to more than 800 employees this year, the newly opened University of Perpetual Help System-PdP Campus which is an Allied Medical Profession-Oriented University, and an upcoming workers/students dorm, among others. With designated areas for different uses seamlessly integrated to one another, Pueblo de Panay Township is a place where people can live, work, relax, and have fun; a place that embodies PDPI’s advocacy – LIFE.WORK.BALANCE.)

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